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Chris and Celeste Martin

juuva vacation club

“Juuva Vacation Club Continues To Amaze. The Riviera Maya Was Like A Tropical Paradise. The Diamond Days Were Relaxing And Gave Us Time To Unwind.”


Each year, Juuva takes Qualifiers to a five-star, all-inclusive, luxurious resort with breathtaking beaches, exciting snorkeling and majestic views. Water sports and unlimited food and drink are also included—it’s truly paradise!

Are you ready to experience the kind of vacation you’ve only dreamed about? Then today is the day! Begin your journey to become a coveted Juuva Vacation Club Member and explore the best beaches in the world with us. It’s a feeling like no other—qualify now and experience a life of luxury!


If you’re a qualifying Diamond or above, the Juuva Vacation Club just got better! You’ll be invited to Diamond Days—an additional two days of vacation for ultimate fun and relaxation


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